Quercus x vaga Palmer & Steyerm. [palustris × velutina]
Family: Fagaceae
Quercus x vaga image
Leaves: retain easily removable hairs across the lower leaf surface until mid summer, with hairs persisting in the vein axils. Fruit: an acorn with the cup scales loosely overlapping and hairy like those of <i>Quercus velutina</i>. Characteristics: intermediate of the parents but with the bark and habit more closely resembling <i>Quercus palustris</i>.

Similar species: Quercus x vaga is a hybrid of Quercus velutina and Quercus palustris. The attributes of the hybrid tend to be intermediate of the parents. See links below for further information on the parents.

Habitat and ecology: Usually where both parents are found.

Occurence in the Chicago region: native

Etymology: Quercus is the Latin name for oak.

Author: The Morton Arboretum