Malus sieboldii (Regel) Rehder
Family: Rosaceae
Malus sieboldii image

Similar species: Page is under construction. Please see link below for general information on the genus Malus.

Flowering: late April to late May

Habitat and ecology: Introduced from Japan, this species has escaped from cultivation into disturbed areas and is becoming fairly common.

Occurence in the Chicago region: non-native

Etymology: Malus is the classic name for apple. Sieboldii was named after Franz Philipp von Siebold, a 19th century German physician that is well known for his studies of the flora and fauna of Japan.

Author: The Morton Arboretum

Wilhelm and Rericha (2017) in "Flora of the Chicago Region" lump this taxon and others under the name Malus toringo (Siebold) de Vriese.