Paspalum pubiflorum Rupr. ex Fourn. (redirected from: Paspalum laeviglume)
Family: Poaceae
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Plants perennial; usually decumbent, rooting at the nodes. Culms 30-130 cm, decumbent; nodes glabrous or pubescent. Sheaths glabrous or pubescent; ligules 1-3.2 mm; blades to 31 cm long, 4-18 mm wide, flat, glabrous, with a few hairs behind the ligules. Panicles terminal, with 2-7 racemosely arranged branches; branches 2.2-7.9 cm, divergent to spreading, terminating in a spikelet; branch axes 1.1-2.3 mm wide, narrowly winged, glabrous, margins scabrous. Spikelets 2.8-3.6 mm long, 1.5-2 mm wide, paired, imbricate, appressed to divergent from the branch axes, elliptic to obovate, pubescent or glabrous, light brown to stramineous. Lower glumes absent; upper glumes and lower lemmas glabrous or sparsely pubescent, hairs shorter than 0.1 mm, 3-veined, margins entire; lower lemmas lacking ribs over the veins; upper florets stramineous. Caryopses 1.8-2 mm, golden brown or white. 2n = 60, ca. 64.

Paspalum pubiflorum grows on the edges of forests and in disturbed areas. It is native to the southeastern United States, Mexico, and Cuba.

From Flora of Indiana (1940) by Charles C. Deam
Infrequent in a few of our southern counties. Usually found in moist, sandy soil in ditches and in low ground. It is a common plant in the street gutters in the southeastern part of Mt. Vernon.


Indiana Coefficient of Conservatism: C = 3

Wetland Indicator Status: FACW

Culms stout, strongly compressed, to 1 m, usually decumbent, rooting at the nodes; sheaths loose, glabrous or sparsely villous; blades 8-17 mm wide, usually pilose at base; panicle often equaled or surpassed by the lvs; racemes 5-10, thick, 5-10 cm; rachis 1-2 mm wide, spikelets mostly in pairs, oblong-obovate, 2.8-3.1 mm; glume and sterile lemma 3-7-veined; 2n=60. Moist or wet soil; s. O. to Kans., so to N.C., Fla., and Tex. Our plants, with glabrous spikelets, are var. glabrum Vasey ex Scribn. (P. laeviglume)

Gleason, Henry A. & Cronquist, Arthur J. 1991. Manual of vascular plants of northeastern United States and adjacent Canada. lxxv + 910 pp.

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