Geum spp.
Family: Rosaceae
Geum image
Patrick Alexander  
Hypanthium turbinate or hemispheric; sep commonly imbricate; bractlets linear to oblong, or wanting; pet elliptic to obovate; stamens 10-many; ovaries numerous on an elongate, cylindric receptacle; style filiform, elongate; achenes tipped by the long, persistent style; fibrous-rooted perennial herbs with variable foliage, the lower lvs pinnate, the middle smaller and commonly trifoliolate, the upper often simple; fls solitary to many in terminal corymbs; pet white to yellow, or suffused with pink or purple. (Sieversia) 50, mostly N. Hemisphere.

Gleason, Henry A. & Cronquist, Arthur J. 1991. Manual of vascular plants of northeastern United States and adjacent Canada. lxxv + 910 pp.

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