Taxus floridana Nutt. ex Chapm.
Family: Taxaceae
not available
Shrubs or small trees to 6(--10) m, dioecious, trunk to 3.8 dm diam. Bark purplish brown, thin, scaly. Branches stout, spreading. Leaves 1--2.6(--2.9) cm ´ 1--2(--2.2) mm, mostly slightly falcate, light green with 2 grayish bands abaxially, with cuticular papillae along stomatal bands, dark green adaxially, epidermal cells as viewed in cross section of leaf wider than tall or ± isodiametric. Seed ellipsoid, 5--6 mm. Seeds maturing in early fall. Moist, shaded ravines in hardwood forests; of conservation concern; 15--30 m; Fla. Taxus floridana is a rare endemic along the Appalachicola River in Florida.