Stevia viscida Kunth
Family: Asteraceae
Stevia viscida image
Perennials, 40-100 cm. Leaves mostly alternate (usually crowded with axillary clusters of smaller leaves); petioles 0; blades (3-nerved) linear-oblong, linear-oblanceolate, or linear, mostly 2-5 cm, margins shallowly toothed distally or entire. Heads in open, subcorymbiform arrays. Peduncles mostly 5-30 mm, viscid-puberulent and stipitate-glandular. Involucres 6-8 mm, stipitate- and sessile-glandular. Phyllaries stipitate- and sessile-glandular, apices acute to acuminate. Corollas white or pink, purplish, or rose, lobes glandular and sparsely hispid-villous. Pappi ± equaling corollas. 2n = 22, 33, 44. Flowering Aug-Oct(-Nov). Roadsides, pastures, other disturbed sites; 1500-2000 m; Ariz., Tex.; Mexico; Central America.