Ziziphus obtusifolia var. obtusifolia (redirected from: Condalia lycioides)
Family: Rhamnaceae
[Condalia lycioides (Gray) Weberb.,  more]
Ziziphus obtusifolia var. obtusifolia image
PLANT: Shrubs to 3m tall. LEAVES: thin, mostly glabrous. FLOWER: hypanthium glabrous. FRUITS: 7-8 mm wide. NOTES: See also parent taxon. Occurring on gypsum soils in Cochise co.; 1150- 1250 meters (3800-4100 ft); May-Sep; NM, TX, OK; Chihuahuan Desert, Mex. REFERENCES: Kyle Christie, Michael Currie, Laura Smith Davis, Mar-Elise Hill, Suzanne Neal, and Tina Ayers, 2006 Vascular Plants of Arizona: Rhamnaceae. CANOTIA 2(1): 23-46.