Lonicera ciliosa (Pursh) Poir. ex DC.
Family: Caprifoliaceae
Lonicera ciliosa image
J. E.(Jed) and Bonnie McClellan  
Plant: shrub, trailing to high-climbing; herbage glabrous or soft-puberulent (leaves ciliate); stem 3-30 dm Leaves: simple, entire, opposite, short-petioled, deciduous, 6-10 cm; blade oval or ovate, ciliate, base tapered to petiole, tip round to sharp; upper 1-2 pairs fused around stem; 1-2 pairs beneath inflorescence often fused around stem INFLORESCENCE: spike, short, dense, interrupted; flowers ± 20 in 2-4 whorls; axillary peduncles and subtended by 0-2 sets of bracts Flowers: calyx tube fused to ovary; corolla 16-40 mm, ± cylindric, weakly 2-lipped, divided 1/6-1/4, orange; stamens, style, stigma slightly exserted Fruit: berry, round, ± 8 mm, red, slightly glaucous Misc: Forests, thickets; 700-1700 m.