Dieteria asteroides var. glandulosa (B.L. Turner) D.R. Morgan & R.L. Hartman (redirected from: Machaeranthera asteroides var. glandulosa)
Source: SIDA 20(4): 1387-1416
Family: Asteraceae
[Machaeranthera asteroides var. glandulosa B.L. Turner]
Dieteria asteroides var. glandulosa image
Stems glabrous or densely stipitate-glandular. Leaves: mid blades 6-20 mm wide, margins usually serrate, faces sometimes puberulent, stiffly long-stipitate-glandular. Involucres hemispheric, 7-13 mm. Phyllary apices acuminate to long-acuminate, 2-5 mm, faces sometimes canescent, stipitate-glandular. 2n = 8. Flowering May-Oct. Grasslands, creosote bush scrublands, and pine/oak woodlands; 600-2400 m; Ariz, Nev., N.Mex., Utah.