Silene laciniata subsp. greggii (A. Gray) C.L. Hitchc. & Maguire
Family: Caryophyllaceae
Silene laciniata subsp. greggii image
Stems erect, much-branched distally. Leaves: proximal blades oblanceolate, often broadly so, 3-6(-8) cm × 15-30 mm, scabrid-pubescent on both surfaces; distal short-petiolate, blade lanceolate to elliptic, reduced, 1-4 cm × 3-10 mm, apex acute. Inflorescences well developed, open, 3-5-flowered cymes, bracteate; bracts lanceolate, 6-20 mm, apex acute. Calyces broadly tubular, 17-20 × 4-5 mm in flower, broadening to 6-9 mm in fruit, less than 1/ 2 as broad as long, narrowed to base and ± umbilicate. 2n = 48. Flowering in summer-early fall. Dry oak, pine, and juniper woodlands; 1600-3000 m; Ariz., N.Mex., Tex.; Mexico.