Senecio anonymus Alph. Wood
Family: Asteraceae
Senecio anonymus image
Perennial 3-8 dm from a rather short caudex, densely and persistently woolly at base, otherwise soon glabrate except sometimes in the axils; basal lvs mostly elliptic-oblanceolate, tapering to the petiole, crenate or serrate, to 30 cm (petiole included) נ3.5 cm; cauline lvs deeply pinnatifid, reduced and becoming sessile upwards; heads numerous, commonly 20-100+, small, the disk 5-9 mm wide; invol 5-7.5 mm; rays 4-8 mm (rarely none); achenes usually hispidulous; 2n=44. Meadows, pastures, roadsides, and dry woods; s. Pa. and s. O. to Fla., chiefly in the mts. May, June. (S. smallii)

Gleason, Henry A. & Cronquist, Arthur J. 1991. Manual of vascular plants of northeastern United States and adjacent Canada. lxxv + 910 pp.

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