Chicago Region Plants of Concern List

Download, file format is Excel spreadsheet (.xls):
Plants of Concern, 2004 edited version, 2010-11-3 (154 KB)

A compiled list of taxa in the Chicago Region that are listed in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and the Federal lists. This compilation was created in July 2004 from the most current lists available at that time. Taxa are listed alphabetically by family and genus according to the vPlants accepted name (marked by a "Y" in the second column). The list includes both the vPlants accepted name (always listed first within a synonymy group) and the exact name that appears on the individual source lists. While some updates have been done, for the most current and updated listings, please see the links to the individual state and federal lists on our Regional Lists page.

Information provided on this page applies to the Chicago Region and may not be relevant or complete for other regions.