Line drawings of plant features.

Plate 8: Inflorescence Types

Contents of Plates

Plate 1:
Stem and Root Types.
Plate 2:
Leaf Composition, Parts, and Types.
Plate 3:
Leaf Shapes.
Plate 4:
Leaf Margins.
Plate 5:
Leaf Apices, Venation, and Bases.
Plate 6:
Surface Features.
Plate 7:
Stem and Leaf Parts, and Variations.
Plate 8:
Inflorescence Types.
Plate 9:
Floral Morphology.
Plate 10:
Corolla Types.
Plate 11:
Fruit Types.
Plate 12:
Sedges, Grasses, and Composites.
Plates 1-12:

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