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Myricaria bracteata
Myricaria davurica
Myricaria germanica
Myricaria prostrata
Myrtama elegans
Reaumuria hirtella
Reaumuria kermanensis
Reaumuria negevensis
Reaumuria palaestina
Reaumuria soongarica
Reaumuria vermiculata
Tamaricaria elegans
Tamarix africana
Tamarix amplexicaulis
Tamarix aphylla
Tamarix aralensis
Tamarix arceuthoides
Tamarix canariensis
Tamarix chinensis
Tamarix dioica
Tamarix florida
Tamarix gallica
Tamarix germanica
Tamarix hispida
Tamarix hohenackeri
Tamarix indica
Tamarix jordanis
Tamarix kotschyi
Tamarix litwinowii
Tamarix macrocarpa
Tamarix mannifera
Tamarix mascatensis
Tamarix meyeri
Tamarix nilotica
Tamarix palaestina
Tamarix parviflora
Tamarix passerinoides
Tamarix pycnocarpa
Tamarix ramosissima
Tamarix tetragyna
Tamarix usneoides