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Calandrinia nitida
Grahamia coahuilensis
Lewisia pygmaea
Phemeranthus brevicaulis
Phemeranthus brevifolius
Phemeranthus calycinus
Phemeranthus confertiflorus
Phemeranthus greenmanii
Phemeranthus humilis
Phemeranthus longipes
Phemeranthus marginatus
Phemeranthus mexicanus
Phemeranthus oligospermus
Phemeranthus parviflorus
Talinella pachypoda
Talinum arnotii
Talinum aurantiacum
Talinum caffrum
Talinum calcaricum
Talinum fallax
Talinum fruticosum
Talinum gracile
Talinum lineare
Talinum mengesii
Talinum multiflorum
Talinum napiforme
Talinum palmeri
Talinum paniculatum
Talinum paniculatum var. paniculatum
Talinum parvulum
Talinum polygaloides
Talinum portulacifolium
Talinum rugospermum
Talinum spinescens
Talinum tenuissimum
Talinum teretifolium
Talinum thompsonii
Talinum whitei