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Astrocarpa clusii
Astrocarpa sesamoides
Caylusea abyssinica
Caylusea hexagyna
Forchhammeria hintonii
Forchhammeria longifolia
Forchhammeria macrocarpa
Forchhammeria pallida
Forchhammeria sessilifolia
Forchhammeria sphaerocarpa
Forchhammeria tamaulipana
Forchhammeria trifoliata
Forchhammeria watsonii
Ochradenus baccatus
Oligomeris glaucescens
Oligomeris linifolia
Oligomeris subulata
Reseda alba
Reseda alopecuros
Reseda arabica
Reseda aucheri
Reseda aucheri subsp. bracteata
Reseda complicata
Reseda crystallina
Reseda decursiva
Reseda glauca
Reseda globulosa
Reseda inodora
Reseda lutea
Reseda lutea subsp. lutea
Reseda lutea subsp. neglecta
Reseda luteola
Reseda luteola subsp. luteola
Reseda odorata
Reseda orientalis
Reseda phyteuma
Reseda scoparia
Reseda stenostachya
Reseda suffruticosa
Reseda undata
Reseda urnigera
Reseda villosa
Sesamoides purpurascens