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Canacomyrica monticola
Cerothamnus caroliniensis
Cerothamnus inodorus
Comptonia peregrina
Comptonia peregrina var. aspleniifolia
Gale palustris
Morella cacuminis
Morella californica
Morella caroliniensis
Morella cerifera
Morella cordifolia
Morella esculenta
Morella faya
Morella holdridgeana
Morella inodora
Morella integrifolia
Morella javanica
Morella kandtiana
Morella nana
Morella parvifolia
Morella pavonis
Morella pensylvanica
Morella phanerodonta
Morella picardae
Morella pubescens
Morella pumila
Morella punctata
Morella quercifolia
Morella rubra
Morella salicifolia subsp. salicifolia
Morella salicifolia var. kilimandscharica
Morella serrata
Morella singularis
Morella spathulata
Morella x macfarlanei
Myrica aspleniifolia
Myrica californica
Myrica carolinensis
Myrica caroliniensis
Myrica cerifera
Myrica cerifera var. cerifera
Myrica faya
Myrica floridana
Myrica gale
Myrica gale var. subglabra
Myrica hartwegii
Myrica heterophylla
Myrica holdridgeana
Myrica inodora
Myrica mexicana
Myrica microcarpa
Myrica pensylvanica
Myrica peregrina
Myrica pringlei
Myrica pubescens
Myrica rubra
Myrica salicifolia
Myrica x macfarlanei