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Calamaria malinverniana
Isoetes abyssinica
Isoetes alpina
Isoetes andicola
Isoetes andina
Isoetes asiatica
Isoetes biafrana
Isoetes bischlerae
Isoetes boliviensis
Isoetes boyacensis
Isoetes bradei
Isoetes brochoni
Isoetes butleri var. immaculata
Isoetes chubutiana
Isoetes cubana
Isoetes delilei
Isoetes dodgei
Isoetes drummondii
Isoetes durieui
Isoetes ecuadoriensis
Isoetes ekmanii
Isoetes eshbaughii
Isoetes fuscomarginata
Isoetes gardneriana
Isoetes gigantea
Isoetes gymnocarpa
Isoetes herzogii
Isoetes hieronymi
Isoetes histrix
Isoetes hopei
Isoetes humilior
Isoetes jamaicensis
Isoetes japonica
Isoetes karstenii
Isoetes killipii
Isoetes kirkii
Isoetes laurentiana
Isoetes lechleri
Isoetes longissima
Isoetes longissima subsp. intermedia
Isoetes longissima subsp. longissima
Isoetes martii
Isoetes melanotheca
Isoetes muelleri
Isoetes novae-angliae
Isoetes novogranadensis
Isoetes olympica
Isoetes organensis
Isoetes ovata
Isoetes pallida
Isoetes palmeri
Isoetes panamensis
Isoetes philippinensis
Isoetes precocia
Isoetes saracochensis
Isoetes schweinfurthii
Isoetes serracarajensis
Isoetes sinensis
Isoetes stellenbossiensis
Isoetes stevensii
Isoetes transvaalensis
Isoetes triquetra
Isoetes tuckermanii var. borealis
Isoetes tuerckheimii
Isoetes velata
Isoetes welwitschii
Isoetes x altonharvillii
Isoetes x brittonii
Isoetes x bruntonii
Isoetes x dodgei
Isoetes x eatonii
Isoetes x fairbrothersii
Isoetes x foveolata
Isoetes x harveyi
Isoetes x heterospora
Isoetes x hickeyi
Isoetes × truncata
Isoëtes acadiensis
Isoëtes appalachiana
Isoëtes azorica
Isoëtes bolanderi
Isoëtes bolanderi var. bolanderi
Isoëtes boomii
Isoëtes boryana
Isoëtes braunii
Isoëtes brittonii
Isoëtes butleri
Isoëtes canadensis
Isoëtes capensis
Isoëtes caroliniana
Isoëtes chapmanii
Isoëtes coromandelina
Isoëtes coromandelina subsp. coromandelina
Isoëtes duriei
Isoëtes eatonii
Isoëtes echinospora
Isoëtes echinospora subsp. asiatica
Isoëtes echinospora subsp. muricata
Isoëtes echinospora var. braunii
Isoëtes echinospora var. muricata
Isoëtes echinospora var. robusta
Isoëtes engelmannii
Isoëtes engelmannii var. caroliniana
Isoëtes engelmannii var. engelmannii
Isoëtes engelmannii var. georgiana
Isoëtes engelmannii var. gracilis
Isoëtes engelmannii var. valida
Isoëtes flaccida
Isoëtes flaccida var. alata
Isoëtes flaccida var. chapmanii
Isoëtes foveolata
Isoëtes georgiana
Isoëtes gravesii
Isoëtes gunnii
Isoëtes hawaiiensis
Isoëtes hieroglyphica
Isoëtes howellii
Isoëtes howellii var. minima
Isoëtes hyemalis
Isoëtes junciformis
Isoëtes lacustris
Isoëtes lacustris var. paupercula
Isoëtes lithophila
Isoëtes louisianensis
Isoëtes macrospora
Isoëtes maritima
Isoëtes mattaponica
Isoëtes melanopoda
Isoëtes melanopoda subsp. melanopoda
Isoëtes melanopoda subsp. silvatica
Isoëtes melanopoda var. melanopoda
Isoëtes melanospora
Isoëtes mexicana
Isoëtes microvela
Isoëtes minima
Isoëtes mississippiensis
Isoëtes montezumae
Isoëtes muricata
Isoëtes muricata var. braunii
Isoëtes nuda
Isoëtes nuttallii
Isoëtes occidentalis
Isoëtes orcutti
Isoëtes orcuttii
Isoëtes paupercula
Isoëtes piedmontana
Isoëtes piperi
Isoëtes pringlei
Isoëtes prototypus
Isoëtes riparia
Isoëtes riparia var. amesii
Isoëtes riparia var. canadensis
Isoëtes riparia var. palmeri
Isoëtes riparia var. reticulata
Isoëtes riparia var. riparia
Isoëtes riparia var. robbinsii
Isoëtes saccharata
Isoëtes saccharata var. amesii
Isoëtes savatieri
Isoëtes septentrionalis
Isoëtes setacea
Isoëtes setacea subsp. muricata
Isoëtes storkii
Isoëtes taiwanensis
Isoëtes tegetiformans
Isoëtes tenella
Isoëtes tennesseensis
Isoëtes texana
Isoëtes triangula
Isoëtes truncata
Isoëtes tuckermanii
Isoëtes tuckermanii var. harveyi
Isoëtes valida
Isoëtes virginica
Isoëtes virginica var. piedmontana
Isoëtes viridimontana
Isoëtes × eatonii
Isoëtes × harveyi