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Gyrocarpus americanus
Gyrocarpus jatrophifolius
Gyrocarpus mocinnoi
Gyrocarpus mocinoi
Hernandia catalpifolia
Hernandia cordigera
Hernandia cubensis
Hernandia didymantha
Hernandia guianensis
Hernandia jamaicensis
Hernandia moerenhoutiana
Hernandia nymphaeifolia
Hernandia obovata
Hernandia peltata
Hernandia sonora
Hernandia stenura
Hernandia wendtii
Illigera celebica
Illigera grandiflora
Illigera luzonensis
Illigera megaptera
Illigera parviflora
Illigera pierrei
Illigera rhodantha
Illigera villosa
Sparattanthelium amazonum
Sparattanthelium botocudorum
Sparattanthelium glabrum
Sparattanthelium septentrionale
Sparattanthelium tarapotanum
Sparattanthelium tupiniquinorum
Sparattanthelium wonotoboense