Olsynium spp.
Family: Iridaceae
Olsynium image
Tony Frates  
Herbs, perennial, strongly cespitose, rootstock indistinct. Stems simple, terete. Leaves 2-4, cauline, alternate, reduced basally; blade basally clasping or terete. Inflorescences rhipidiate, 1-5-flowered; spathes 2, green, leaflike, unequal, apex acute or, rarely, obtuse. Flowers not fragrant, actinomorphic; tepals distinct, reddish purple to magenta, occasionally pink or white, not clawed, ± equal; stamens symmetrically arranged; filaments connate to 1/2 their length; anthers parallel, not appressed to style branches; style branches 3, filiform, short, extending between anthers. Capsules globose to obovoid or broadly turbinate, ± smooth to distended around seeds, apex broadly rounded, basal 0.2 mm of styles sometimes persistent. Seeds many, obconic, angular; seed coat brown, coarsely rugulose. x = 32.
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