Juncus georgianus Coville
Family: Juncaceae
Juncus georgianus image
Herbs, short-lived perennial, cespitose, to 4 dm. Culms 3--40. Leaves basal, 2--3; auricles 0.2--0.3 mm, scarious to membranous; blade flat, 5--15 cm x 0.4--0.7 mm, margins entire. Inflorescences (3--)8--30(--45)-flowered, diffuse, 3--11 cm; primary bract rarely surpassing inflorescence. Flowers: bracteoles 2; tepals greenish to tan, lanceolate, (3.3--)3.6--5.1(--5.7) mm; outer and inner series nearly equal, apex acuminate; stamens 6, filaments 0.2--0.4 mm, anthers (0.8--)1.2--1.5(--1.7) mm; style 0.6--0.8 mm. Capsules tan, 3-locular, ellipsoid to narrowly so, 2.7--4 x 1.2--1.7 mm. Seeds tan, ellipsoid or widely so, 0.364--0.45 mm, not tailed. 2n = ca. 80. Flowering and fruiting spring. Exposed sites with thin, usually sandy soil over surfacing granite (flatrocks); the soil in these areas may be moist in the spring from seepage or for a short period after rainfalls; 300--600 m; Ala., Ga., N.C., S.C.