Habranthus robustus Herbert ex Sweet
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Habranthus robustus image
Leaf blade dull green, to 18 mm wide. Inflorescence 1-flowered; spathe 3.8-4.1 cm. Flower: perianth 6.8-8 cm, tube light green, ca. 0.3 cm, distinct portions of tepals somewhat spreading, reflexed, pink; filaments 1.3-3.7 cm; anthers 6-13 mm; style 4.5-5.5 cm; stigma exserted ca. 1 cm beyond anthers; pedicel 4-6.5 cm, usually exceeding spathe. 2n = 12. Flowering summer--fall (Jun--Nov). Sandy loam, lawns; 0--100 m; introduced; Fla.; South America. Habranthus robustus persists and is locally adventive in Florida.