Crinum zeylanicum (L.) L.
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Crinum zeylanicum image
Bulbs 12-15 cm diam., neck short. Leaves several, 5-10 dm × 3-5 cm; blade lorate. Scape to 7.5 dm or more. Umbels 8-12-flowered. Flowers sessile; perianth white with broad purplish-red keels (most pronounced adaxially), funnelform, tube 7.5-15 cm, limb lobes oblong-elliptic, 7.5-18 × 1-2 cm. Capsules not seen at maturity, globose, beak 8-10 cm. Seeds warty. Flowering late spring--summer. Fields, wasteplaces, wet areas; 0--200 m; introduced; Fla., La.; tropical Asia. Crinum zeylanicum is extensively cultivated outdoors in the lower Gulf coastal plain.