Selaginella arenicola subsp. arenicola (redirected from: Bryodesma arenicola)
Source: World Ferns: Checklist of Ferns and Lycophytes of the World (added via CoL API)
Family: Selaginellaceae
sand spikemoss
[Bryodesma arenicola (Underw.) Soják]
Selaginella arenicola subsp. arenicola image
Leaves (aerial stems) usually tightly appressed; base conspicuously pubescent. Strobili sometimes with apical vegetative growth, distinctly larger in diameter than subtending stem. Sporophylls abruptly tapering toward apex; apex often recurved. Mostly on dry, exposed sand dunes, white sand, or sandy soil; 0 m; Fla., Ga. Selaginella arenicola subsp. arenicola usually has more slender (1 mm diam.) stems than subsp. riddelli (stems more than 1 mm diam.). In Georgia, many forms intermediate between the two subspecies have been reported.