Ericameria parryi var. aspera (Greene) G. L. Nesom & G. I. Baird
Family: Asteraceae
Ericameria parryi var. aspera image
Plants 15-70 cm . Leaves moderately crowded, gray-green; blades 1-nerved, oblanceolate, 15-50 × 1-3 mm, faces abundantly stipitate-glandular; distalmost ± equaling arrays. Heads 4-10+ in (sometimes branched) racemiform arrays. Involucres 11-15 mm. Phyllaries 9-13, whitish, tan, or purplish, apices erect to spreading, acute. Florets 5-10; corollas yellow, 8.3-9.5 mm , tubes sparsely hairy, throats gradually dilated , lobes 1.4-1.7 mm. 2n = 18. Flowering late summer-fall. Dry forests to alpine barrens in pumice or gravel; 1900-3300 m; Calif., Nev.