Agave toumeyana var. toumeyana
Family: Asparagaceae
not available
Rosettes each with 40-70 leaves at maturity, light green to yellowish, round-topped. Leaves 19-46 × 1.2-2 cm; margins edentate, or denticulate only near and at base. Flowers 2.1-2.8 cm; limb lobes 8-10 mm; filaments 1.2-1.7 cm; ovary 1-1.6 cm. 2n = 120. Flowering late spring--summer. Open gravelly to rocky limestone or basalt slopes, mostly with desert scrub, chaparral, and pinyon-juniper woodlands; 600--1500 m; Ariz.
LEAVES: several, ca 40-70, 19-46 cm long, 1.2-2 cm wide, of unequal length, the margins with brown border continuous to leaf base or only to small teeth near and at base. FLOWERS: 21-28 mm long; tepals 8-10 mm long, 3-4 mm wide; filaments 12-17 mm long; ovary 10-16 mm long with neck 3-7 mm long. 2n = 120. NOTES: See also parent taxon. Open rocky, often limestone or basalt slopes of desert scrub, chaparral, and pinon-juniper woodland: Gila, Graham, Maricopa, Pinal cos.; 600-1500 m (2000-5000 ft); May-Aug.. Hybridizes with A. chrysantha in Gila and Maricopa cos. REFERENCES: Hodgson, Wendy. 1999. Agavaceae. Ariz. - Nev. Acad. Sci. 32(1).