Coelorachis tuberculosa (Nash) Nash
Family: Poaceae
Coelorachis tuberculosa image

Plants cespitose. Culms 60-120 cm, compressed-keeled. Sheaths compressed-keeled, glabrous; blades to 31 cm long, to 7.8 mm wide, folded or flat, glabrous. Rames 4-8 cm; rachises not or only slightly indented adjacent to the sessile spikelets. Sessile spikelets 3.3-4.3 mm long, 1.3-2 mm wide; lower glumes smooth or sparsely and shallowly transversely rugose, keels narrowly winged. Pedicellate spikelets 1.9-2.6 mm, reduced to scales. 2n = unknown.

Coelorachis tuberculosa is an uncommon species, endemic to the southeastern United States. It grows in moist to wet areas such as bogs and pine woods, especially flatwoods and savannahs. s