Zephyranthes simpsonii Chapm.
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Zephyranthes simpsonii image
Leaf blade dull green, to 4 mm wide. Spathe (1.7-)2-4(-4.2) cm. Flowers erect; perianth mostly white proximally, often strongly infused pink or purple distally, more so with age, funnelform, (4-)4.3-8.5(-10) cm; perianth tube green, (1.4-)1.6-3.3(-4) cm, increasing in diam., ca. 1/3 or more perianth length, ± equaling or seldom less than (3/4-11/4) filament length, ± equaling (2/3-11/4) spathe length; tepals slightly diverging, rarely reflexed; stamens diverging, appearing equal; filaments filiform, (1.5-)1.6-3(-3.2) cm; anthers 3-6(-8) mm; style longer than perianth tube; stigma 3-fid, usually among or below anthers, rarely exserted more than 1 mm beyond anthers; pedi-cel absent or to 0.6(-1.5) cm and shorter than spathe. 2n = 48. Flowering late winter--spring (Feb--May). Peaty-sandy soil, coastal plains, rarely piedmont; of conservation concern; 0--100 m; Ala., Fla., Ga., Miss., N.C., S.C. Although the perianth of Zephyranthes simpsonii was originally described as pale pink, white forms are quite common. Any of the North American white-flowered species of Zephyranthes may be variously flushed with pink, increasingly so with age.