Zephyranthes refugiensis F. B. Jones
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Zephyranthes refugiensis image
Leaf blade dull green, to 4 mm wide. Spathe 1.9-3.2 cm. Flowers erect; perianth dark lemon yellow, funnelform, 2.5-5 cm; perianth tube green, (1-) 1.2-2 (-2.4) cm, increasing in diam., less than 1/2 perianth length, ca. 2 times filament length, ca. 1/2-3/4 spathe length; tepals sometimes reflexed; stamens diverging to semifasciculate, appearing equal; filaments filiform, (0.5-)0.6-0.8 (-1.1) cm; anthers ca. 7 mm; style longer than perianth tube; stigma capitate, usually among anthers; pedicel (0.1-)0.2-1.6(-1.8) cm, shorter than spathe. 2n = 46, 48. Flowering late summer--early fall (Aug--Oct). Primarily low, sandy loam, open fields, swales, ditches; of conservation concern; 10--30 m; Tex. Morphology, cytology, and distribution suggest that Zephyranthes refugiensis arose as a hybrid between Z. pulchella and Z. jonesii. It is known only from Goliad and Refugio counties.